"Your Professional Cleaning Specialist"

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Specialty Cleaning services - 

AFC has been in the janitorial business for more then 30 years. although we currently do not offer nightly services anymore, we do offer  specialized cleaning services. We pin pointed a lot of our customers needs that weren't being met by standard janitorial companies and decided to be the best in those categories.

- one time specialized deep cleaning (janitorial)

- warehouse floor cleaning ( specialized deep cleaning)

- Contract evaluations

- Comprehensive cleaning evaluation of needs

- one time specific need cleaning

- Complete specialized floor care and resurfacing

Window Cleaning Services - 

We provide quality window cleaning for commercial customers up to 5 stories. Routine cleanings, one time, or quarterly. Our superior trained uniformed staff can handle any project you may have. Easy one step invoicing, multiple location service. Fully Insured and bonded. all staff has been screened and verified. Our commitment to the cleanliness of your business or office is our top priority.

some of our current and long time customers

Gutter cleaning & Bird control - 

Every building is different, some stand alone buildings still need their gutter cleaned. Our professionally trained staff will quickly and efficiently clear gutters, remove debris, and rinse down before you even open. Our bird control products and services are miles above the competition. We carry a full line of discrete bird control products, and our experienced staff can help you make a decision that will end your problems.

Pressure washing services - 

Our Professional pressure washing team specializes in all things pressure washed. Building exteriors, sidewalks, drive thru's, sports courts, parking lots, pool surrounds, car lots, industrial floor cleaning, dumpsters, heavy equipment, and much more. Our specialized methods and our knowledge of cleaning solutions is what sets us apart. Everything from rust removal on pavement to old adhesives on building walls. If we can not remove it, nobody can!

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